Our Instructors

“It’s really hard to fill shoes (or chef’s jackets) at Hal’s Kitchen. Our instructors must be knowledgeable, skillful, but also be able to create a personable and memorable experience. I love working with these chefs and I know you will, too!” – Cyndi

Chef Natalie Keng

Chef Natalie KengNatalie is a food and culture expert born and raised in Atlanta. Standing on a beer box as cashier, she was trained at an early age in the family restaurant business then graduated from Vassar College and Harvard University (M.P.P. Management and Policy). Before starting her own business in 2009, she led diversity, strategic marketing and communications teams as a writer, trainer and project manager for Fortune 500 companies and has served in public office.

Ms. Keng has authored several published articles, writes a weekly food and culture blog, has a YouTube Channel and is regularly featured as a host/emcee, chef instructor or multicultural marketing speaker at regional and national culinary events and on television, radio and online. She has taught over 150 hands-on cooking classes for children and adults, led dozens of Asian market tours and is active on community boards, including Eat with Natalie! on Meetup.com. She is often joined by popular co-host and mother, Margaret Keng, a former Teacher of the Year and international business consultant.

Chinese Southern Belle™ (CSB), delivers the “the best of East and West” in food and cultural entertainment with Buddha-to-Bubba stories, healthy eating and eco-friendly tips. Follow Natalie’s food and cultural adventures at www.ChineseSouthernBelle.com, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Chef Judith

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Chef Nick Walker

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